January 13th, 2012

the joy of chicken stock

For Christmas my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful parents gave me a Cuisinart Prep 7 Food Processor and a DeLonghi espresso machine. I moved back into the cottage Monday, and while I spent all day Tuesday in Richmond, I dedicated Wednesday to setting up my new toys. :D 

Today I sit in the kitchen, a playlist playing in the background as I type this post and sip my first latte. I want to work out, and clean my room, and I need to shower and get dressed all pretty-like before I head into work at three, but— I also want me time. I can start writing now, work out, shower, and then as my hair air-dries a little, I can finish my post. I’ve been slowly trying to incorporate “me” time into my life the past few months. I tend to not leave any time for me, or give myself any love, which only resulted in dysfunctional emotions, disordered eating, and a lot of negativity towards myself. Matchstick Molly, whom I avidly follow, advocated something similar as part of her Matchstick Challenge— click here to see the post. Just the other day she posted a “reminder” of sorts, reminding me that I too need to cultivate some me time. 

So now, I can multitask— icing my knee after the workout, letting my air dry a bit, and write my post. :) success!

My mom, sister & I drove up to Annapolis a few days before I returned to Williamsburg: Destination Whole Foods. The new Annapolis Whole Foods is absolutely gorgeous, stunning, amazing, I could get lost in there, not enough adjectives, wonderful. It is by far my favorite whole foods of the few I’ve frequented. 

Video of some of the old Whole Foods and the new Whole Foods (sin food)

Whole Foods Opening Day in Annapolis

Anyway, while there we each bought a whole chicken, pre-cut. Although my mom (and mom-mom, and great-grandmother) have all roasted a whole chicken in front of me, I never really paid attention. Wednesday I embarked on half of the adventure (since the chicken was already pre-cut, it was a little easier to be sure!). I roasted all the chicken in the oven with some onions and carrots, and I still have leftovers today. Mmmhm. 

I ate my chicken with a salad and some Mashed Cauliflower [link to post with recipe]. I made the Mashed Cauliflower with my new food processor! WOOOO!!!! I tried to make mashed cauliflower while I was in England, but I didn’t really enjoy the texture of my attempts to hand-mash the cauliflower. This beautiful concoction, on the other hand, could hardly be distinguished from mashed potatoes! (Although, to be fair, considering I haven’t mashed potatoes in a few years, I may be remembering the taste a little differently. :) haha). While I ate my meal I let the chicken cool, before stripping the meat off the bone. I threw the skin, bones, juice, and the leftover carrots and onions in a stock pot, AND MADE MY OWN CHICKEN STOCK. The simple pleasures in life. I feel accomplished, as simple a thing as it is— I have my own, homemade chicken stock sealed in a mason jar in my fridge. I’m hoping to make some soup tomorrow— and then I’ll find out how the stock tastes!

Today, after forty five minutes of cursing poorly written and drawn directions, I made my first latte at home with my new espresso machine! Tastes like a little bit of me, and a little bit of heaven. 

And off to work I go!